Live At Kaiju #8 (Closing Dj Set)

upmix24 by Jacques Malchance , released in January 2015



Title Artist
1) Piercing Brightness Soundtrack Radioactive Man
2) It's Like That RUN DMC vs Jason Nevins
3) Smoker Capri & Gentile
4) Revolution Si Begg
5) Meatabix Luke Vibert
6) Box Energy Dj Pierre
7) Wearing Old Armani Funkstörung
8) 180db Aphex Twin
9) Electric Transit Ceephax Acid Crew
10) Milk Shake Kelis
11) Souley Man Ceephax Acid Crew
12) Bad Debts Union Jacques
14) Valley Of The Shadows Origin Unknown
15) The Complete Dominator Human Resource
16) Vic Acid Squarepusher
13) The Statue Machinedrum


When in Rome, do as the Romans do. And Kaiju is what the Romans do best!

Recorded straight from the desk at the last Kaiju party at 30 Formiche (Rome) on 27th of December 2014. Jacques’ closing set, the bangers, la cassia dritta, the gran finale, the other half of the cover pic.

Audio is RAW AS F%$K, the decks were crap, the mixer was crap, but nonetheless we partied hard and had a bloody good time, and we believe its better to share the fun rather than have none at all.

Tape the set to a cassette and have the rave in a cave.

This is the 3am slot right until we were forced to stop :(
Check out the 11pm slot next door :)

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