Disasters On Wax

upmix02 by Jacques Malchance , released in February 2011

UPMIX02 by Jacques

UPMIX02 by Jacques

Title Artist
1) Air & Water BBC Sound Effects
2) Dynamic Of Here Stellar Om Source
3) Rubycon Part One Tangerine Dream
4) Parisian Goldfish(Take Remix) Flying Lotus
5) We Are Ninja (Cabbage Boy remix) Frank Chickens
6) Plastic Vampires Team Doyobi
7) Skatebored Is Not Skateboard Dj Balli
8) Auntie's Harp(Rebekah Raff Remix) Flying Lotus
9) Bwoon Dub AFX
10) Snails Commodity Place
11) Magnetic Depths Stellar Om Source
12) In Your Mind Sympletic
13) People Should Dance Trouble vs Glue
14) King Kong Frank Zappa
15) Pictures At An Exhibition Mussorgsky & E L P
16) Burning a Boyscout / And we will drink directly from the stream as nature taught Dj Balli
17) Piss Nails Barberos
18) Rubycon Part Two Tangerine Dream
19) Human & Animal BBC Sound Effects


Musical style: AMBIENT

Jacques has performed many outstanding DJ sets in Liverpool, Rome and Ljubljana. However, he felt guilty they were laptop-based only, so to lift his guilty conscience he perfomed a vinyl only DJ set for our monthly Upitup episodes.

Destructively crafted on one rundown Numark and a borrowed JVC DC servo(!?)and a broken mixer, this is most definetely an outsider DJ set! :)

To maintain a purist attitude this is recorded as one take with no cuts.
Have fun freaking out.

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