Haunted Arcade Mix

upmix12 by P.P. Roy , released in October 2011

Upmix12 Cover

Upmix12 Cover

Title Artist
1) Tense Movement 1 Bob Ascroft
2) The ghosts from outer space Gershon Kingsley
3) Raindrops R. Pauls
4) Dr Bonnie, Mr Clyde Emphasis
5) Silver Shamrock Commercial Halloween III
6) Nightmare Kid Unknown
7) Basket Case Eon
8) Pacman (ghost mix) Powerpill
9) Haunted arcade (unreleased) PP Roy
10) Ghosts and Goblins intro theme
11) Music for the insane Prince Paul
12) Electro suspense J. Mathew
13) Death line main theme Will Malone
14) Ghosting effects Moon Wiring Club
15) Nothing but the night Demdike Stare
16) Frogspawn Sam Spence
17) Broohahja The Focus Group
18) Maggots eating mouse Gerald Fried
19) Campfire story The Burning OST
20) Dead Carolyn Sullivan
21) Ghostbusters Theme C64


Musical Style: Halloween Music

Local hero PP Roy crafts another outstanding Dj set, a scary trip and treat through spooky sonorities and unknown vintage classics...

Expect a bit of electronics, vintage video games, ghouly synths, disco and even a bit of rave action!

This time grab a toffee apple, turn all the lights off and listen to it in the dark....on your own....then you'll think - what's this whack shit? it's not scary at all!

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