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upmix04 by Tracky Birthday , released in April 2011

Trash Heap from Fraggle Rock

Trash Heap from Fraggle Rock

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Musical style: HOBBY

Over the years we've produced lots of tracks that never made it onto a release cause they were too sketchy or silly and the quality sucked *ss. But some of those frankensteins actually became true basement classics, they're well known to Upitup insiders – and I wanted to share some of them with the world before we ultimately lose the files.

The last track was the very first song I heard from Pierlo & friends, it made me join Upitup in 2003.... aahhhh good times. There's also a beta version of a track I did with Edmünd Prinz aka. Yan, founder of Egotwister Records, and some other gems you don't wanna miss.

Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy the greatest worst hits from the Upitup trashcan.


Tracky B.

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