May I Gently Touch Your Aura?

upmix09 by P.P. Roy , released in June 2011

May I Gently Touch Your Aura?

May I Gently Touch Your Aura?

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Musical Style: Relaxation Music

PP Roy is a forgotten legend that has released two great albums on Rephlex Records: "You Can't Help Liking PP Roy" and "Seven Up". Now, after a long stay at the Betty Turpin clinic PP Roy has finally been released to revive his music career.

A master of Funk and a great music connoisseur (rumor has it that he introduced the Black Devil Disco Club record to Rephlex by playing it at the Rephresh nights), he is by far one of our favourite DJs of all time, as we witnessed during his epic appearances at the Upitup events in Liverpool.

This mix is a sonic exploration of mind soothing hullabaloo, sort of mashed up mid tempo relaxation music!

Sit down, light up a J and let him gently touch your aura.....

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