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upmix05 by Konrad Kuhn , released in May 2011

Painting by Aaron Douglas, artist from Harlem Renaissance

Painting by Aaron Douglas, artist from Harlem Renaissance

Title Artist
1) Bendix 'the tomorrow people' Raymond Scott's Manhattan Research Inc.
2) Music For 18 Musicians Steve Reich
3) Space Is The Place Sun Ra
4) Space Odyssey Marcus Belgrave
5) Time Machine Chocolate Milk
6) Intergalactic Love Song The Diddys ft. Paige Douglas
7) Rocket Ship Stark Reality
8) Space Funk Manzel
9) Places And Spaces Donald Byrd
10) Lightworks Raymond Scott's Manhattan Research Inc.
11) Messages From The Stars Rah Band
12) Interplanetary Music Mickey Moonlight
13) Space Is The Place Jonzun Crew
14) Little Green Man Hercule
15) Space II David Durrah
16) Is This The Future? Fatback Band
17) The Voice Of Q Q
18) Skits: Orson Welles' - War Of The Worlds; Wernher von Braun; Deltron 3030


Musical style: FUTURISTIC

Hello millions,

last year we were planning a fanzine on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Futuristic Manifest. We never made that zine but at least we got a fabulous mix by Konrad Kuhn, long-time Upitup family member and quiet puppet master behind most of our live shows in Germany.

Don't panic, no proto-fascist sound installations, more of a Jazz / Funk / Disco trip to outer space!

Konrad is a "professional DJ" and music theorist, go check more of his mixes on Soundcloud!

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