Put That There

upmix17 by Pierlo , released in June 2012

Where? There.

Where? There.

Title Artist
1) Orbit Aurora Tom Dissevelt
2) Another Charlie Brown Christmas Flip Envoy
3) Childance Luke Vibert
4) Manka Beem
5) Harmoney Wagon Christ
6) Analog Affinity Yellow Tangerine
7) Fountains of Spring Prefuse 73
8) Chilling on the MPC WNY
9) Tron (feat. AVGN) Monolith
10) The Tip Off Matt Whitehead
11) Desire AD Bourke
12) Get on the Floor Niño
13) Cushion Samiyam
14) Wii Shop Channel Kazumi Totaka
15) Elektronnyi Budilnik Boris Tihomirov
16) Farewell Frenchman Dave Monolith
17) The Purdie Shuffle (edit) Bernard Purdie


Remember when we were kids how hooked we were on Virtual Reality?
All those fancy (and frankly, heavy as shit) goggles you had to put on? Those arcades, expensive as fuck? And then the games all sucked? And we all said to ourselves when we'll grow up this will be the future? And then it never happened?

Yeah man, when I was a kid Virtual Reality was the shit. I wonder what went wrong.

Put that there. Where? There.

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