Swollen And Skweee

upmix18 by Bactria , released in July 2012

Title Artist
1) 8 Bits Drom Beatbully
2) Expecting Company Slow Hand Motem
3) Normal Brain Tribute Mesak
4) Duck Butter Randy Barracuda
5) Punt Kick Pavan
6) Temporarily Moron Rigas Den Andre
7) Giants March Ancient Robot
8) Its More Fun To Compute Kraftwerk
9) Nahat Mesak
10) Stitch Seq Mesak
11) Something Will Be Ok Soon Sparten Lover feat Rigas Den Andre
12) Jihad Akhbar Daniel Savio
13) Quantasy Pavan
14) Chico Fulgeance
15) Abstract Pictures Ellen Alien
16) Katt Witt 700 Watts Eero Johannes
17) Rakks Beatbully
18) Hal Manifesto Eero Johannes
19) Rubiscube Fulgeance
20) Billy Idle Vakttornet
21) Home Computer Kraftwerk


Bactria (also known as mega ruock noiser guitarist in super group Divorce!) puts together a full-on blast of lovely summer hits!

Already a regular sound specialist on Glasgow's Subcity Radio shows, we're indeed very very happy to host this awesome mix of scandiniavian skwee and electro-y swolleness!

The perfect antidote to a grey and rainy Britannia!

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