The Only Union Jack I Want to See is Union Jacques Mix

upmix16 by Ergo Phizmiz , released in June 2012

Queen Ergo Phizmiz the 1st

Queen Ergo Phizmiz the 1st

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The Queen himself Ergo Phizmiz makes a marvellous mix to celebrate the jubilee of Freddie Mercury and of course his own diamond jubilee as Queen Ergo Phizmiz the 1st of England!

Its an enormous pleasure to see Ergo Phizmiz finally re-appear on Upitup, after the outstanding performances in Liverpool and the TOP OF POP cover album "Music For The Jilted Generation"...he has put together a lovely and rich mix of beautiful and rare sounds, the perfect soundtrack to a rainy and art-decadent Britannia!

If you really don't know Ergo Phizmiz, then you need to check out NOW the endless FREE music discography, radio plays, collages, writings and Neur-Opera's(worth mentioning the masterpiece that was "The Third Policeman").


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