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6th May 2022 by Upitup UK


Bang Face Weekender is back in 2022 for
4 days raving in a classic seaside holiday park :)


DAJE!!! See you there!





Contact Free Delivery by The Courier is Upitup's 79th free release (upfree78)

10th August 2021 by Upitup UK

Loyal to the good ole ways, if aint broken dont fix it, top one nice one get sorted

We have recently received a delivery. Very timely despite the disruptions. A very hefty delivery we must say, five large parcels over 1,5m… Of course we talking about big fat tunes lol! 

Upitup’s stalwart The Courier very kindly provided us and YOU with a new brilliant EP just in time to celebrate the 10 years from his first appearance on UPITUP and the Delivery Strike EP

The Courier’s third release on Upitup, Contact Free Delivery EP does more than deliver: its a solid set of 5 trademark Courier hardcore cuts, but this time with a different flavor: slightly psychedelic, with very complex dramatic progressions and crescendos. Every track is a journey on its own. 

Can’t really pick a favourite between these enthralling breakbeat anthems, as the EP works as a unit and grows at every listen! 

Find out more and download Contact Free Delivery EP here

What else goin on in Upitup land? 

Well a lot, but first of all, Happy Big Tracky Birthday

Second, Isocore is playing live in Birkenhead, UK tomorrow! more info here 

Our latest show on Melodic Distraction radio here

There is way more going on and Moooore releases in the pipeline so stay tuned! in a bit.

Upfree77 - Harmony Intensifies by Edwin Triumph is now OUT!

26th April 2021 by Upitup UK

Promise’s a promise! We are thrilled to introduce you to UpItUp’s Latest FREE release, but first a little anecdote: we experienced Edwin Triumph’s skills first hand at Bangface Weekender fourth and best stage (ie Chinstroke Record’s Bangface TV, I think 2016), where we ended up hangin for the rest of the festival.

After that, we’ve been delighted to experience his belter livesets at the legendary Chemtrail Party Mix parties in Liverpool.

After 5 years from that first crush, we are really proud to announce that Edwin Triumph’s newest album Harmony Intensifies is now available on Upitup!

A 13 tracks stormer by one of the greatest living UK performance artist cum Director of the Margate’s Crab Museum, which also features a collaboration with the legendary and shady producer and Soundcloud Premium Memebr Sherekhann and a funky appearance as its fishy but land loving alter-ego Squidwin Triumph! SQUIDS OUT! all this is FREE! (we love squids tho, so SQUIDS IN (if you like you can do that on Bandcamp. SQUIDS ON FLEEK

We are amazed how upfree77 Harmony Intensifies sound and ethics matches our traditional sound forged over 18 years, covering all its aspects and bringing it forward in all ways: Edwin Triumph is capable of squeezing literally everything (we mean all of it, from Gigi D’Agostino to Sam Cooke) in the ultramodern avg. 2 minute song format. Huge Plunderphonics skills and absolute carelessness in front of the copyright overlords. Exactly like we love it, You’ll know what we mean from the first listen.

Load your usb sticks with this pure arsenal of deejay lethal weapons. You’re welcome!

More news! Pierlo has started showcasing his new portable battery powered setup and will be streaming loads from sunny Singapore.

Also we will be all together for the first time for next wednesday’s The Only Way is Upitup Show on Melodic Distraction Radio.

And if you happen to be in Birkenhead today, don’t forget to pop in in the new amazing Future Yard, where Jacques Malchance is playing right now.

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Up it up?

The slogan "Up It Up!" can be comprehended as a battlecry of digital culture. Unless you "up something up to the network", it stays where it is, unshared (in your brain, on your pc etc.). To "up it up" equally means to "go for it", to "make it hot".

Upitup has been releasing free music since 2003.
Based in Liverpool, Stuttgart, London and Rome, we initially just wanted to make our sounds accessible to the public. The idea was to create an open platform for sharing ideas and staying/getting in contact with people. We later realized we're running what's considered a netlabel.

Upitup remains completely uninfected by commercial interests - to the contrary, we love to see the music industry trying to catch up with new technologies while suffering from their self-imposed politics. We are proud to be able to supply our music for free.

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