The First Big Effigy MaxTipe

upmix19 by Big Effigy , released in January 2013

Upmix 19 cover

Upmix 19 cover

Title Artist
1) Music for Four Organs Steve Reich
2) 5D Death Grips
3) Sleepless (Tony Levin Remix) King Crimson
4) 33% God Dustie Boys vs. Satellite Killa Beez
5) The Mountain Dogs (Dogshow Remix) Stealing Sheep
6) Tranquility Base Pt.II Runners
7) Don't You Know Jan Hammer Group
8) Sleepwalking Cabaret Voltaire
9) Kaleio-Collider Binary Toad
10) Another Girl Jacques Greene
11) Monotone Face Cowtown
12) Obiani Sua Efir Asaase Ase
13) Enjoy The Silence (Harmonium Demo) Martin Gore
14) Road Movie Oddfellows Casino
15) Capitan Planeta Mother Earth
16) Fete d'Adieu Deerhoof
17) The Pump Room The Now
18) Red Horse (Judges Ll) Colin Stetson
19) Rass Out Altered Natives
20) World of Dogs Death Grips
21) Silo Pass Bok Bok
22) Freek Hudson Mo vs. JoDeCi
23) Where I'm From Digable Planets
24) Same Girl U./K.
25) SH101 Triggers MS10 DMX Krew
26) Saptarshi Ishraqiyun
27) North Side Door Adan Herbert and the Country Playboys
28) Larkspur Shield Your Eyes


Kick' off 2013 with the bang!

A long awaited debut mixtape from Big Effigy(formerly known on upitup as the Liverpool legend that is Pariah Qarey), it's the official First Big Effigy MaxTipe (TM) and it's supposed to go on a C90 to play in your Micra or Panda or Cinquecento (or Apé..?!), the perfect eclectico mix of a year-round-up of everything that was new-to-him in 2012.

Originally put together as an end-of-year-mix its the perfect start-of-year-mix!
A lovely blend of oldies and newbies, classics and radicals, fresh liverpoolisms and cross atlantic vibes...
Blast this out loud, put on endless and banging new year parties and please be excellent to each others!

"Love from Big Effigy x Pariah Qarey x Oscar Later x Giorgio Barboni"

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