Edmünd Prinz

Ego Twisting End-Boss

Ed Prinz

Guest of Upitup

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“Hello nerdz! I am Edmünd Prinz (and sometimes Edmond Leprince). I do some music, but actually I’m so unproductive that sometimes I forget I am a musician.

So the only track I did last year was featured on the great Up It Up Summer Hits Compilation, and I really feel honoured to be considered as an Upcitizen for such an effort :) More seriously, I try to take care of a little vinyl record label, Ego Twister Records, to release my talented friends’ music :
come visit www.egotwister.com and discover Puyo Puyo, Amnésie, [guÿôm], Debmaster, Yvan&Lendl, Kuma vs Yoo-Klid, Vernon LeNoir, Ladyatone! Big up!” (Ads by Edmüüüünd)

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