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Isocore is Paolo Elmo. Born in Rome, Italy in 1983, started producing beats in 1999 together with Pierlo and later on with Jacques Malchance, under the monicker CCC Boriki. In 2002 with the same people, Dennis Knopf (Tracky Birthday) and Roglok designed the Upitup "simcity" website, and started what it is now Upitup Records.

Soon after he started his very intense and always evolving live and djing activity that counts 200+ gigs all over Europe, sharing the stage with artists such as Luke Vibert, Team Doyobi, Global Goon, Legowelt, DJ Stingray, Ceephax Acid Crew, Tim Exile, Jason Forrest and more.
His livesets are always unique as each one is a new piece composed on the spot according to the situation.

Musically he's in a constant research for new solutions to create beauty and structure from antimusical sources. His beats have been always heavily Hiphop and Detroit influenced, with some melodich melancholic hints, a process of catharsis thru rotten squelches, greasy carpets and various cacophony.
His setup is a complicated concoction of cheap and high technology and is in constant evolution.

His tracks are also featured on several other labels such as Brainstormlab, ∆Icasea, Dobialabel, Acroplane, Soulseek Records and I Absentee.

He also started his carreer as a promoter in Rome in 2007 with the series Noveventi and Cutoff! (featuring Frank Bretschneider, Res_et, Pierre Bastien and more) and in Liverpool, Uk where he now lives providing with Jacques Malchance the Upitup, Uperitive and Knobheads nights. (Legowelt, DMX Krew, VHS Head, Gescom, Paddy Steer and more).

He now is mainly busy with Upitup's A/R department and part of the Distant Future Association.

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