The Carrier Wave

Classy Acid


Guest of Upitup


The Carrier Wave says about himself:
"I grew up in Michigan, USA and spent all of high school listening to Detroit Techno records.  I was classically trained on three instruments up through college but I love the Roland tb-303.  So, I'd have to say my style is best described as Bach-driven acid with a dancefloor sensibility.  Now I live in Chicago and am in the studio every chance I get.  When I'm making music I feel like someone else is in control of my body. I lose track of five hours and suddenly have a new Carrier Wave mp3 in my playlist.  I don't know what happened or how, but it I can tell I had some serious fun.  On the technical side, I'm fascinated with outboard processing via tube EQs and compressors and tape machines.  I use digital as well, but I don't think the vsts and plugins have usurped the fidelity throne, yet.  I'm obsessed with hardware... especially the older stuff.  The first electronic musician I noticed was Richie Hawtin.  Boards of Canada inspired me to try as many production techniques as possible on common sounds, Depeche Mode helps me drink alcohol, and EOD showed me that I don't have to be ashamed of my aciduality.  I love acid for the way it makes me move.  It's kind of lonely out here in Chicago... do you realize how little acid is appreciated here!?!?!  I am experimenting more and more with my sound these days.  Been trying everything from the fun, energized dance floor stuff like 4x4: Acid Stompers to more chill, nostalgic, dreamlike tracks, and everything in between.
 I love to capture a feeling and express it through music.  My dream since high school has been to give my mother a signed copy of a record that I produced to show her the piano lessons paid off. "

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