Lo Five

Emotion Wave

Lo Five is the moniker of Neil Grant, born and raised in the baron wilderness of Kirkby in north Liverpool, currently residing on the leisure peninsula: Wirral. He has been actively making melodic/ambient/electronic music since his last band dissolved around 2010 - initially focussing on playful lo-fi melodic hooks then moving into darker synth ambience. For his debut album, 'When it's Time to Let Go', released via Patterned Air recordings, Lo Five explored combining his melodic sensibility with field recordings, found sounds and acoustic instruments. Thematically, his music encompasses aspects of consciousness, ego, death, memory and enlightenment.

Lo Five has released several EPs, remixes and compilation tracks through labels Rad Cult, Orange Milk, Touched Music, The Beauty of Melody, Jisatsuken and on Upitup Records' 'Knobheads' anniversary compilation. His most recent self-release was a small collection of ultra lofi house tracks designed to be 'dance music to sleep to', made using hand-sequenced beats and unquantised improv jams. 'My House is My House: Volume II' is the follow-up to these explorations, delving deeper down the rabbit hole of wonky tape saturation and one-take overdubs..

In 2015 Lo Five started the Emotion Wave night in Liverpool, to provide a supportive environment for producers making their first steps playing live. A small but dedicated community has developed around the night, which has resulted in charity compilations and all-day live sessions to raise money for local charities. Emotion Wave has evolved in to a label, promoting the community of artists and producers who have become part of the family.

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