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UPITUP NEWS: The Album Of The (late) Summer!

Dear All,
We have something to tell you.
We are hugely excited to announce what is going to be our catalog release number 63. Like every other release, this is are very special one and is bound to be the album of the (late) summer.

Ladies and Gentleman...
P.P. Roy is back with "Watch The Dough Nut Not The Hole".

Whilst we prepare the last little bits, you can keep watching the hole and we will focus on the doughnut. RELEASE DATE: 18-08-2014:

Click Here To Listen To The Soundcloud "Trailer"

Please do not share and don't tell anyone! (we know you don't like being told what to do! ;) <3 xxx

Ps: In The meantime come and say hello at any of the above gigs!

posted: 12th August 2014