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Aisles Of Smiles by Happy Shopper (upfree69) is out now!!

16th November 2017 by Upitup UK

It has taken us a long while to release something, yes and we are keen to long breaks, but don’t forget ours is a labour of love.

In the meanwhile we’ve put on some legendary shows too in our Liverpool base (Dj Stingray and Lorenzo Senni last week, check them pics here), Ea Moon joined the Upitup Liverpool family, and so much more that is difficult to sum up here!

But now, finally, we have our new free release, upfree69, ready.
Welcome to the family the Happy Shopper. A mysterious producer that made music for greek supermarkets in the year 2004 as a job. A selection of the tunes is now available for the rest of the world to enjoy! only from Upitup! Modern Library Music innit.

When we first heard it, we were blown away, and wish we could be shopping to this all day long. We are sure you are going to want to do the same!

Enjoy responsibly, and thieves will be prosecuted!
PS: we have two more massive releases linedup before the end of this year
PSS: we've got an Upitup Merseyside instagram you can visit here!

NEW UPFREE OUT NOW - Global Goon and Captain Johnson - Kepler Odyssey

11th August 2016 by Upitup UK

Right in time for our massive Uperitive party in Liverpool with Mr Vast (of Wevie Stonder), we delve into this epic journey, courtesy of a joint effort from Global Goon & Captain Johnson. Two stalwarts of our parties, masters of the squelch and guardians of the groove, they deliver an odyssey of Sci-Fi Techno like no other. One for the dancefloor. Boss album this, a dancefloor melter.

Thanks for the 2000 likes on facebook! you are lovely you know who you are! Yes!!

Noidboy - Elp (upfree67) - Out Now

1st April 2016 by Upmayora

We like long breaks, don't we? Do you think we were dead? we were for a bit..
but we want to be your new Jesus, so hereby we confirm that life after death is possible.


We will go on and on, dont you worry!

And quality can only go up.

Noidboy one of our longest standing artists, with us since the very beginning, has sent us another quality album, almost six years after the immense "Hide and Seek", "Elp" shows his loyalty to his very personal style, but the now Granada based artist shows an even greater attention to Details, Concept and surely Sound.

"Elp" is a 14 tracks puzzle, all the pieces snug together naturally, and when its over you'll ask for more. We can only say that this album is perfect. If you disagree let's debate! Ah, it's still FREE, after 13 years, still FREE.

Check the video for track N.2 TRAY:

And we have more quality releases lined up, so stay with us, out of the cave we go!

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Upitup has been releasing free music since 2003.
Based in Rome, Stuttgart, and Liverpool, we initially just wanted to make our sounds accessible to the public. The idea was to create an open platform for sharing ideas and staying/getting in contact with people. We later realized we're running what's considered a netlabel.

Upitup remains completely uninfected by commercial interests - to the contrary, we love to see the music industry trying to catch up with new technologies while suffering from their self-imposed politics. We are proud to be able to supply our music for free.

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