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upfree71 - GeneratA by Acchiappashpirt is out now!

12th June 2018 by Upitup UK

Not very active online.. but very active IRL. Our 15th year started with a bang with our set at Bangface Weekender and our huge XV Birthday Weekender in Liverpool (pictures out very soon!) and now we have lined up an incredible series of new albums from new signings, is goin to be a good summer!

We start with Rome based art duo Acchiappashpirt formed by Albanian poet Jonida Prifti and sound artist SDT, a pillar of the Roman noise scene. And they are here with their first “trap sound poetry experiment”. The duo, inspired by the work of photographer Julius Eb, create a catchy combination of noise sculptures and evocative auto-tuned spokenword poetry (in albanian and italian). GeneratA is a full lenght ode to the post-reconstruction “New Generations” of the whole world, with deep industrial vibes and nods to dance culture.

To get a taste of Acchiappashpirt, check this video for the track Ari I Ajrit:

Upfree71 - GeneratA by Acchiappashpirt is out now!
Click here to download the full album.

NEWS: Party in the Rat Alley, Kazimier Garden, Liverpool 23 June 2018, more info soon :) .

Knobheads Compilation Upfree70 OUT NOW

16th December 2017 by Upitup UK

After a year of gestation (and procrastination), the infamous KNOBHEADS compilation is out now on Upitup Records!

A pure labour of love, for the city and the scene, we've managed to bring together some of our favourite artists from our 10 years in Liverpool.

Featuring tracks from artists familiar to fans of Upitup alongside some fresh faces, including Upitup debuts for ASOK, Reedale Rise, Joe McLaughlin and Bantam Lions. Representing some of Liverpool's best crews - including Postmusic, Cartier 4 Everyone, Deep Hedonia, Emotion Wave, M62 and Less Effect - the compilation presents a cross section of the electronic music scene in Liverpool. From ambient to footwork, and techno to chillout donk, we've got you covered.

This release also marks 1000+ free tunes on, so TRACKY CHRISTMAS!

Enjoy at your leisure, FREE AS ALWAYS and with love from Upitup.

Aisles Of Smiles by Happy Shopper (upfree69) is out now!!

16th November 2017 by Upitup UK

It has taken us a long while to release something, yes and we are keen to long breaks, but don’t forget ours is a labour of love.

In the meanwhile we’ve put on some legendary shows too in our Liverpool base (Dj Stingray and Lorenzo Senni last week, check them pics here), Ea Moon joined the Upitup Liverpool family, and so much more that is difficult to sum up here!

But now, finally, we have our new free release, upfree69, ready.
Welcome to the family the Happy Shopper. A mysterious producer that made music for greek supermarkets in the year 2004 as a job. A selection of the tunes is now available for the rest of the world to enjoy! only from Upitup! Modern Library Music innit.

When we first heard it, we were blown away, and wish we could be shopping to this all day long. We are sure you are going to want to do the same!

Enjoy responsibly, and thieves will be prosecuted!
PS: we have two more massive releases linedup before the end of this year
PSS: we've got an Upitup Merseyside instagram you can visit here!

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Upitup has been releasing free music since 2003.
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