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UPITUP NEWS: Delivery Strike EP is Out!

Quite apt to say we've been on a delivery strike for a while, but we've sorted ourselves out now! Honestly!

Plenty of stuff on the horizon, we'll keep the dream alive and close our 10th year with a bang!

We can now declare the strike over.. and to get things going, of course, we needed the best COURIER out there! Mr. Vibes is back with a second release for Upitup, an instant ravers-must, pure groove!

Get it on!


-If you're in Rome don't miss the night put up by Pierlo and JFrank at C Tre Pigneto "Failures at the Space Colony" Saturday 26 October link here
-If You're in Liverpool don't miss Jacques Dj set this saturday 26 October at Voodoo Ball Kazimier and Isocore 4 hours Dj set at Mello Mello 10 November

And Don't Forget:

Our latest release by Corporate Control "Ten Dry Nails" that has been rocking our summer, check this nice review from Tiny Mix Tapes.

posted: 21st October 2013