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Monty Monty

UPITUP NEWS: UPMIX14 "Tricks" by Tracky Birthday out now!

Tracky has compiled a nice mix to get this whole work thing over with:
no more boring hours and hours of compiling Excel sheets or swinging Photoshop lassos, no more endless traffic jams or train rides – it's time for some serious Tricks, it's time for UPMIX14! Peppered with lots of clever mashups and ridiculous reinterpretations, this hour-long megamix is guaranteed to keep you entertained and spiritually balanced. Just look at the playlist...

Don't wait any longer, let the show begin!

Do it like Roglok, he's pumping UPMIX14 while building his very own DIY modular synthesizer.

Or Manuel "M-Boy" Buerger, who was getting inspired by the mix for designing this year's Transmediale identity including superglossy rainbow-reflective posters.
Or Jacques Malchance, who's been on the road touring Europe across Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden together with music legend Charles Hayward while listening to Tricks... (Our first vinyl release by Union Jacques is already on sale in selected stores in the UK; top secret!)
Or what about Isocore, our curator-at-large who's basically been running Upitup for the past few months while singing to UPMIX14 in the shower....
Hasi Intl.™ who's been making art with a confidence he's got from enjoying Tricks on a daily basis...

Even Margherita loves it and so will you.

Yours truly,

the UIU team

posted: 30th January 2012