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UPITUP NEWS: UPFREE42 - The Courier debuts on UPITUP!

'Ello everyONE!
Happy 111111 indeed!

With regret we still need to delay the Union Jacques "Dub Pets" release, but only because we want YOU to have the best sounding record you can get! So to kill time get onto another amazing release...

...Ladies and Lads, its time to rave like its 1992!

The Courier debuts with "Got The Vibes"!

Already party album of the year, this is timeless classics full of retro cheese flavours! please download for FREE here!

The Courier skillfully resurrects the sound and atmosphere of early UK Hardcore Rave. The hard hitting drumloops, funky basslines, bona fide rave pianos and RnB vocal snippets got what it takes to warp you to a secret warehouse location!
Drop a garry and party for two days!

And check out (ABOVE!) the amazing shows we're putting on!
For our lucky UK residents we're organizing a mini tour (with the second massivest line up-to date for Liverpool) for our friends at Sonic Belligeranza to showcase "Extreme 8-bit Terror"... 8bit covers of heavy metal classics!!!
And new TECHNO - ACID - ELECTRO - JUKE - 4x4 fuelled event GLUE!

Stay tuned for more freebies and not very soon!
yours truly....

posted: 10th November 2011