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UPITUP NEWS: New news!

Hello doers,

we has some specil annuocnements to maek:

our first vinyl release UNION JACQUES is being delayed a couple of weeks. Somebody at the pressing plant must have dropped his glasses or fake teeth into the big bowl of liquid vinyl - at least that's how it sounds like. We will keep you posted!

Google+ was launched just after we reached 1000 likes on Facebook, oh snap! The revolution will not be re-tweeted.

Amazing anglo-japanese label ∆ICASEA has started a fundraising project we urge you to support. The media has already buried everything concerning the earthquake / tsunami / nuclear meltdown in Japan, and we are all back to talking about other issues, e.coli and who's gonna go on holiday or the Monaco wedding, but the situation is still critical and there's still thousands of people with no housing and other serious troubles.

"Benefit Compilation For Japan is dedicated to the victims and survivors of the March 11th Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, and to those affected by the ongoing nuclear crisis. All proceeds from the sale of this compilation will be donated to assist in the rebuilding of peoples lives and the recovery of the devastated areas. The proceeds will be split between the Japanese Red Cross Earthquake Relief Fund and the special accounts set up by the regional governments of the affected areas for the acceptance of monetary donations."

Compiled by Satoshi Aizawa, Tom Knapp and Alex Peverett with special assistance from Rydell Green (∆ICASEA), Thomas Lanza (Mazout), Tom Scholefield (Display Copy) and Egisto Sopor (AAVV).


Donation starts from as little as £1 for one track and £7 for the whole colossal 76 tracks (almost 6 hours!) release, but you can name your donation and the sky is the limit!

The compilation includes an infinite list of amazing artist ranging from Russel Haswell, Freeform, Fitz Ambrose, Team Doyobi, Autechre, 5K3K51, The Wyrding Module, Polysick, Subjex, Luke Vibert, Mogwai, VHS Head, Takeshi Muto, Dj Stingray, Stellar Om Source and a special unreleased track by Upitup's founding member Isocore.

You can refill your portable devices, print 5 cds, record 4 cassettes, or listen to it on your computer while you help all affected areas in Japan.

That's it for today's news. Oh yeah, and thanks to everyone who came out to the foundation party of our non-profit society in Stuttgart, Germany! You can soon get an Upitup shirt if you forgot to take one with you, we are currently setting up our online shop for merchandise.


posted: 13th July 2011