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UPITUP NEWS: Upitup turns 8! Free mix by Pierlo, major updates!

Dear followers,

Upitup is turning 8 years old this week! We would like to hereby express a huge thank you for all the love, support, props, likes, "bellaaaa!"s and good times you shared with us along the way. It's been a great adventure so far, and we hope we can keep improving what started as a Sunday hobby and turned out to be our ultimate ambition: release awesome music for FREE. To celebrate our 8th birthday, our founding father Pierlo released a nice easy mix for you all to listen: click play!

Enough intro, here are some updates on what's been going on in the past weeks...

Tracky Birthday just published an essay about netlabels called "Born to Fail" in the current issue of Lodown Magazine. The special 75th issue was designed by layout legend Manuel Buerger. Grab a copy now, kiddo!

Jacques Malchance is about to publish his latest Upfree "Dub Pets" under the moniker Union Jacques here any moment, a beautiful acid/synth/ambient spiel from Liverpool.
The Upitup Merseyside dept. is still recovering from a free Upitup birthday party with Global Goon that was plain awesome (thank you Liverpool!) while Tracky rocked Mannheim and Roglok stayed home. Footage may or may not be coming soon.

We're also about to introduce you to our newest acquisition: The Cosmic Analog Ensemble is preparing an album for us, more on that soon on these webpages. Also, a cable on Wikileaks mentions that Jonas the Plugexpert and Tracky Birthday are onto something…

.. so are our tech-nerds, they're are working on a new website and a plan to mess you up. Stay wired.

Don't forget to follow us on Mixcloud : we've started a monthly mix session  this month's episode was done by our founding father Pierlo himself, next up is Tracky Birthday!

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posted: 26th March 2011