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UPITUP NEWS: upfree34 "Go by System Hardware Abnormal" Hits the shelves! (?)

Another Upfree? Yes!

Hold your mouses, UIU will fill up your hard drive free space before the end of 2010. A lot of surprising Upfrees by artists from all over the world are about to come!

We have already delighted you with some amazing beats by Britalo saw wave surgeon Jfrank.

And now its time for con-FUSION! Go (upfree34) by System Hardware Abnormal is out!

SHA is a mysterious Rome based artist, omnipresent in the international noise scene, and involved in a countless number of different projects like Micropupazzo, Hiroshima Rocks Around, Maximillian I, I Contro amongst the others.
In his decennial activity he collaborated  with several artists like Dino Felipe and seminal breakcore producer from Bologna, Dj Balli.

Go is a free form "sonic match played between Topo Gigio - icon of italian avantgarde - and Doraemon - icon of the Japanese avant-garde."." The album is a concoction of questions, formed by fragments that are meant to muddle up the players strategies, just like in a Go match."

The board game is made of a simple setup, the rules are simple, the ears are damaged. Be safe with this incredible battle between notation, hi hats, synth conversations, rubber monsters. The soundtrack of this landscape "should sound like a pile of B sides by Duran Duran put in a electronic NoisePop washingmachine together with some hints from the gobsmacking italic productions of Gaber, Nannini and Battisti."

Go is SHA poppest album to date. The album's complex artwork is by Re Delle Aringhe.
This is its official promo video from the song "Shinupekida. Omaenokotoda - Devi Morire!" directed by Rabid Grr

Upitup live news!
The guys in Liverpool have started a new event series called "Knobheads" in a secret dusty gym in the heart of liverpool (Don't Drop The Dumbells).
Ergo Phizmiz is coming up north to play, so be there! Stay updated with our events list and on Facebook.

See you (very) soon!

posted: 4th November 2010