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UPITUP NEWS: UpitUp / Shake Your Tree Worldtour ends

Thanks to everyone (except the Police) who came out to one of our sweaty gigs! Check our flickr group and see photos from Berlin, Mainz, Munich, and Stuttgart. Pictures of Isocore & DJ Donna Summer in Rome are on the way.
We hope the new Discoghosts Upfree will accompany you through these buttiful days of spring! Don't forget to order the Shake Your Tree 3 full-color hard cover book including The Discoghosts album BAD on CD!

You also don't wanna miss Cutoff 5 in Rome, with Pierlo, Ladytron, and Miz Kiara!

Roglok is finishing his new album, and Tracky will become daddy by the end of the year.

Oh my giddy aunt!!!

radiosonar e upitup records presentano:
sab 14 giugno: isocore+djCutoff (aka Syncopathos) liveset due ore!!@ cervelletta party! Casale della cervelletta, via della cervelletta, zona colli aniene, START@11!

posted: 4th May 2008