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UPITUP NEWS: Forza EP by SertOne (upfree74) is our free release number 75.

Slow but steady: Upitup is ready to provide some new great music and very welcome addition to our roster!

Liverpool based Irish producer SertOne has very kindly provided us and youze with his new Forza EP. He is a very prolific artist and the quality of his productions is pyar Class A++, he's the man behind the label of the Fame of Fly High Society which includes artists like Iglooghost and Bolts and is an all round absolute don.

Forza Ep is a six track EP where SertOne explores different possibilities in his favourite game, making fat massive beats! Each one has its character and different flavours, some are wonky, some have a huge bass, all very maxed up, you will be easily sold to our 75th free ep!

Last but not least: we have decided to progressively upload our catalogue to Bandcamp, even if we are fully technologically indipendent on that side, we think that its a shame to leave that channel closed. At the same time we sadly abandoned the FMA (Free Music Archive) because it is now owned by a private company ( thanks for the incredible ride 1500000 downloads !!). Music on bandcamp will be still free but you are free to donate towards the label for future projects and keep it all like this for another 16 years and more!

Soo Forza Upitup, Forza SertOne e Daje de Bangface in a few weeks!! ! Que Aproveche !

posted: 27th February 2019