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UPITUP NEWS: upfree71 - GeneratA by Acchiappashpirt is out now!

Not very active online.. but very active IRL. Our 15th year started with a bang with our set at Bangface Weekender and our huge XV Birthday Weekender in Liverpool (pictures out very soon!) and now we have lined up an incredible series of new albums from new signings, is goin to be a good summer!

We start with Rome based art duo Acchiappashpirt formed by Albanian poet Jonida Prifti and sound artist SDT, a pillar of the Roman noise scene. And they are here with their first “trap sound poetry experiment”. The duo, inspired by the work of photographer Julius Eb, create a catchy combination of noise sculptures and evocative auto-tuned spokenword poetry (in albanian and italian). GeneratA is a full lenght ode to the post-reconstruction “New Generations” of the whole world, with deep industrial vibes and nods to dance culture.

To get a taste of Acchiappashpirt, check this video for the track Ari I Ajrit:

Upfree71 - GeneratA by Acchiappashpirt is out now!
Click here to download the full album.

NEWS: Party in the Rat Alley, Kazimier Garden, Liverpool 23 June 2018, more info soon :) .

posted: 12th June 2018