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UPITUP NEWS: Segment II Ep by JTPE released

As a fellow Upitupper since day 1, JTPE (formerly known as Jonas The Plugexpert 'round here) is one hell of a prolific motherfucker. He keeps putting out one solid release after another, and it's with great honor that we present to you his latest effort:

"Segment II EP" is OUT NOW – free to download.

This EP is undeniably, undoubtedly, incontrovertibly JTPE at his best. It's a dense, deep, ultrafast and somewhat wild exploration of those alienlike trackerjungle landscapes terraformed in the early 2000s – that same sprouting bed that saw some of us take off in the sign of the early IDM pioneers and descend into a new, uncharted below-ground territory.

JTPE is, in our eyes, one of the few active survivors from that age of exploration. He's got a pretty rugged compass attached to his wrist, and knows his own goddamn way.

Please enjoy this release as much as we do, and feel free to pay a visit to JTPE's Bandcamp page for more.

Till next time!

posted: 15th October 2014