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UPITUP NEWS: upfree41 - Global Goon - Carbon, ready for download!

¡Hola Indignados!

Indeed prices are going up and life is getting more costly than ever, with air at £0.99 per m2, its HARSH!
So stick it up to the man and download for FREE our new epic release.

it will instantly increase the value of your HD.

*drum rollll*....YES!
Global Goon debuts on upitup with a full length album of masterpieces that feel like they've come out straight from the golden 90s, but with the 00s twist.
Active for over 15 years with releases on Rephlex, Planet-Mu and WèMè to name a few, he is a truly independent DIY artist and not new on the free music scene ("Threezadoozy" and "Quones" were available for free D/L on his own J-HOK Records).
Goon is now more prolific than ever, check out also his newly self published CD "Everything Is Connected".
Indeed it is.

Carbon is an outstanding acid LED journey through genre defining bangers and chillers!
You can download it right here.

And...did you know Tracky Birthday is coming up with a new album?
He is a very cool daddy!

Hot Dad Cool Hit by Tracky Birthday

posted: 16th October 2011