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UPITUP NEWS: Happy Chinese New Year!

For those of you who missed the incredible live show of Dragan Espenschied together with the Uwe Schenk ensemble right after Christmas we have a little treat: Upfree37 LIVE bonus edition! Download it here and get the live versions of your favorite drx tunes like P2P or DEFINE – in S T E R E O!!!1

Isocore and Jacques Malchance have just ended their tour through France, we will upload pictures of that soon. (How many times have we said so? LOL)

Buckle up, cause we're about to release our newest acquisition, The Carrier Wave, within the next couple of days!

We've also just enabled a new commenting system for releases and news, so leave your mark!

It's The Year of the Rabbit and we're in serious biz mode. More soon!

Chinchillary yours,


posted: 2nd February 2011