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UPITUP NEWS: Summer Breeze!

While most of Upitup's protagonists are sunbathing their balls, let me give you a quick summary of what's going on during summer break:
Roglok is working on his Upfree, The Discoghosts are finishing their debut, and Tracky is planning a solo album (to be announced). Drone is said to be working on his Upfree, and in general I believe this autumn will give you a Wet Willy.

The boys from Shake Your Tree have been busy as well/well: Hasi made a nice music video, check it our here! M-Boy has released his magazine "NEU! The Story About The Unidentified", look at it here!

Drone's "Good And Evil", the Primix hit "Ignore This Song", and Vernon LeNoir's "When It Snows" will appear in the snowboard film "Snapshot The Movie". Tracky is currently creating a jingle for his friend Chris Walden.

Isocore is playing live on the 25th of august at Dobialab for the Dobiarteventi Festival, Staranzano / Dobbia (Gorizia, Italy)!

The guys from _Hyperground Radio printed new shirts, but more news to come soon. In the meanwhile enjoy our latest Upfree by Cindy Sizer!

posted: 17th August 2007