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UPITUP NEWS: New release OUT now! "Kaikou EP" by Satori

Being the omnivore synthfreak-wannabe that I am, a few weeks back I was hunting on YouTube for Casio CZ-5000 demo videos – which, by the way, is possibly the most beautiful sounding vintage digital synth ever made (imho). Anyway, as I was seeking for my daily fix of synthmania, I somehow got myself into one of those random encounters which are probably the real reason why we just cannot quit doing whatever it is that we are doing here at Upitup. Pure bliss. But I digress.

Enter Satori and WheelRock, two brothers from Japan whose online presence is just as ethereal as their own unique sound. Apparently, they share a passion for the beloved Casio  CZ-5000 synth and are both equally talented at programming it to craft lush, ethereal, warm sound palettes that give life to essential, beautiful harmonic sequences. The sounds and the composition remind us of the brightest, forgotten talents of the videogame music history, such as Stéphane Picq, Yasunori Mitsuda or Dave Cummins.

I searched everywhere for more info about them, but all I could find is WheelRock's YouTube channel and a somewhat obscure Bandcamp page where they've self-released their only two albums so far – true masterpieces of electronic music. I immediately got in touch with them, and following a brief exchange we received "Kaikou EP", a selection of four songs by Satori that we encourage you to download for free here.

Thank you for listening. Or, in Satori's own words:

posted: 18th May 2014