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UPITUP NEWS: "Time Capsule Vol. 1" by Büromaschinen OUT NOW

After a somewhat embarassingly long spring break we're finally back with a new lineup of free releases.
Starting today, it's Büromaschinen's turn. This unbelievably multi-talented artist gifts us with his "Time Capsule Vol. 1", a compilation of early works and experiments dating all the way back to 1999 (for comparison, Netscape was still a thing and Upitup wasn't even born yet).
All the tracks on this EP were composed on an old PC rigged with nothing but Jeskola Buzz – and unlike the ungodly fate that doomed the author of Buzz itself, Büromaschinen's alleged backup-driven-paranoia made sure the original files were stored on an actual file-based "time capsule" which – luckily for us – kept all those .bmx files intact for all those years.

So here we are, almost 20 years later, with this incredibly present-day sounding selection of tracks that were literally brought back from the dead with just a tiny bit of that mastering magic. Enough said: download it for free now.

PS stay around, cause there's more to come.

posted: 22nd April 2014