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UPITUP NEWS: Today's feature: _Hyperground Radio!

Dear springsters and bike riders,

we got something for you! Introducing _HYPERGROUND, the best weekly radio show on earth, by Roglok, Vernon LeNoir (aka Bekteshi), Gun, M-Boy, Komfort, Megazord, Dutzky (aka DJ Wolfgang Schuster), and the rest of their friends from Stuttgart, Germany-
pirating frequencies through FRS Radio 99,2 MHz Antenna / 102.1 MHz Cable.

Check out the LIVE ONLINE STREAM every Monday from 3 to 5 pm and the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month from 9 to 10 pm!!! (German time)
Just download the stream and open it with VLC or some other player– iTunes doesn't support the file format...

The Hyperground collective is also infamous for its crazy parties (glow-sticks, inflatable blouncing castle with blue-screen, happy-face balloons, confetti-cannons..) check out some pictures here!

If you happen to be in Stuttgart the next friday (the 27th) pass by the City Bowling Center for a glitzer night of Disco Bowling! Konrad Kuhn is DJing, and we reserved a ton of alleys!

In addition to this, we have just been told that our friends at Soulseek Records have finally released the long awaited compilation "One Minute Massacre v.3" (1MMv3) featuring tracks by loads of genuine people as well as some of our beloved upitup members like Jacques, Pierlo, Isocore, Roglok and ToyzRme. Definetely your next favorite compilation. (Wondering about the meaning of its title? Go find it out!)

Besides that, you can already see some photos of The Discoghosts live show @ Waranga (19th April) here. More footage including videos is on the way.

Last but not Leslie Nielsen, we have confirmed evidence that Pierlo is working on his new upfree. According to our agents we can state that the release date will be between the first two weeks of June. We can't be held responsible for any nervous breakdowns and peed pants caused by such statements.

posted: 21st April 2007