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UPITUP NEWS: ARTE Tricks Soundtrack out now!

What's the difference between a drumroll and a snare rush? How does blue cheese sound? Is there really no note between "E" and "F"? Are you sure?

TRICKS doesn't have any answers to these questions, instead we have lots of theories on how popular music is built and where its back door is located. Symbolically speaking. As in "I really dig this show!" because you really can't dig a show. Unless it's an art show which requires its visitors to dig a hole in the ground to enter. But then you still wouldn't dig the show itself, you'd merely dig its entry.

Modern pop music is a problem we all know. Why doesn't anybody solve this problem, you might wonder. Maybe we need to rewind the story a bit in order to understand. Maybe need to understand the story in order to rewind. Maybe people are too busy digging tunnels to art shows and they can't hear the lovely sound of blue cheese or the secret note between E and F.

I was hired to write a text here. Only 268 more characters to go. I haven't even seen this show, so what. Imagine yourself into a saxophone. Yup, that's right: a saxophone. Would you be a republican or a democrat? I know a band named The White Blacula. How cool is that? Certainly cooler than the guy next to me, he is talking about a logo. What kind of people talk about logos?

Watch Tricks on ARTE Creative. New episode every week! Here's the soundtrack.

posted: 2nd May 2013