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UPITUP NEWS: Happy Birthday Upitup!

Upitup is already 10, and it feels amazing.

When we founded Upitup 10 years ago we started out as a bunch of friends sharing their homemade tracks having great fun doing so. Looking at it today, I guess we're proud to say Upitup still is the same thing – just with a whole lot more friends.

Even though a lot has changed since we started in the spring of 2003 ( the web still kinda looked like this  and releasing free music felt pioneering) we soon wondered whether something like "underground" culture existed on the internet – or whether it's all equal. We really strived to keep up the homebrew spirit that guided us through all these years, keeping it fun while at it. We hope we've inspired you to look at music as more than a commodity, and to think beyond the definitions of established vs. DIY culture. In a sense that has always been our true mission, and we're doing our best to keep the original spirit alive.

So here we are, ten years later. We'd like to say a big THANKS! to all the amazing artists that have shared their music with us. Thanks for all the demos we've received. Thanks for all the free beers, the nice emails, the dancing and shouting, the articles & press, the inspiring talks, the fb likes, and the love.

Your support has been our fuel. Or something.

Enjoy our Upitup 10th Anniversary compilation ...

and come celebrate with us our 10th anniversary in Liverpool this weekend!!!

21 March 2013: Mello Mello

Ergo Phizmiz presents "Gargantua - an excessive entertainment"
The Wyrding Module
P.p. Roy
Chiz Turnross

22 March 2013: The Kazimier

Ceephax Acid Crew

VHS Head
Agt Rave Cru
Tony Loco+Oddbwar
Captain Johnson

23 March 2013: Drop The Dumbells

Global Goon
Tracky Birthday
Benjamin Jackson
Jonas The Plugexpert
White Mask
Big Effigy
The Courier
Dj Rosela Comb
Jacques Malchance


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posted: 20th March 2013