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Wolfgang Wolfgang

UPITUP NEWS: Mandy Mozart feat. Jiin - Art Of Anatomy - Habemus Upfree54!

Only two days from the last news, what happened to us? well, get used to it!
Upitup is in berserk mode.

Mandy Mozart from Austria teamed up with K-Pop star Jiin Ko to craft some of the finest and scariest piano jams. There's something that The Wolfgang forgot tho: the Base Drum (and some Snares). And this is fully proven and documented in incredible tracks like "Art Of Anatomy" and the apocalyptic "Kaffee Universe".

This is the new Sachertorte!

This 9 tracks album is now available to you for free download as Upitup Free release number 54 (aka upfree54).

Make a good use of it, and spread the ♥!

Check the video for the single "Wishful Cheer" Hic et Nunc:

And download the release here!


Pierlo, JFrank, Meze (aka Kido) and Inicolabug will play at 30 Formiche, Rome at "4 Gatti al 30 Formiche, Live Electronics for the Funky (and Deaf)", show your face and your dance moves!

And perfectly a week away from now, if you happen to be in the British Isles, get some sort of vehicle or walk to this:

21 March 2013: Mello Mello
22 March 2013: The Kazimier

23 March 2013: Drop The Dumbells


posted: 13th March 2013