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UPITUP NEWS: Upitup Undead! Halloween Special! Meet Maniac Cop.

Upitup presents upfree49 "Maniac Cop - the album", by Maniac Cop.

Ex-rental VHS sample hip-hop created from pieces of the classic eighties horror movie “Maniac Cop” starring Bruce Campbell. 

Also includes a special screening page, containing visual remakes cut together from the DVD version and a cover by Golden Harvest Industries.

You have the right to remain silent… forever.

Releases schedule for November, prepare for a hot autumn:

upfree50 Melliflous Ichor From Sunless Region by The Wyrding Module.
upfree51 by Büromaschinen

Mellifluous Ichor From Sunless Region - Chapter 1 {the wyrding module 2012} by Christopher Gladwin
Happy Halloween >:)

posted: 30th October 2012