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In these sad times of royal celebrations, indeed we celebrate the Jubilee of Freddie Mercury with a mix from the Queen himself, Ergo Phizmiz!
We are, to say the least, enthusiastic to welcome back the genius artist with this beautifully crafted mix, the perfect soundtrack to a rainy and decadent Britannia!
and guess what?!
Its called "The Only Union Jack I Want To See is Union Jacques MIX" Free download, stream and tracklist -----> H E R E <-----

Talking about Union Jacques, we can officially say that only 250 copies are in stock, so MASSIVE thanks and respect to all of you who have supported us so far! you are simply the best!!! And for whoever doesn't have the 12" yet, well this is your second warning now, don't be left out! once they're gone they're gone, no re-press, no digital-release, no more-party!
and of course its THE Summer Top Hit album!!!

Followed quickly by Pierlo's latest upfree for a constant stream of summer vibes!

Also Isocore has been busy entering the world of fashion, check out his tunes on these adverts...yes, fashion has never sounded so cool!

so...happy jubilee Freddy! enjoy this mix! and keep looking back, we're rolling again.....

posted: 2nd June 2012