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UPITUP NEWS: Aaaaand we're back!

Yes yes we're still alive, up and running (at our pace, that is)!

It's just that we've been away time-traveling - but after finding the 1.21 gigawatts needed to get back here we finally made it, straight from summer of 1994 where Pierlo went looking for his inspiration. He brought back a little souvenir for all dance lovers out there - it's his latest album entitled "Can't Unfeel The Rhythm EP (Commerciale '94 Megamix)" and it's (guess what) FREE. 

Enough said, enjoy the nice weather while feeling the rhythm, no command+z that shit! 

PS Hurry up!!! Union Jacques' vinyl, "Dub Pets" is selling like bread on sunday brunch! Get yo hands on it while you still can...

posted: 3rd May 2012