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UPITUP NEWS: NEW UPMIX OUT! Plus "Dub Pets" trailer, preview clips, and MOAR!!!


We drink to this handful of days remaining untill the OFFICIAL release of the Union Jacques 12" vinyl(and debut/release party tonite in Liverpool - see above!), we're just too excited and hyped up, so please, do get drunk with us!
To get you going until then, right after Tracky's amazingly skilled "Tricks" we keep it fresh and ravey with a new uber-upmix from Liverpool's very own and super superstar DJ, Oddbwar!

Full-on ACID booty shakin' bombs to the maxibon!
you know the score...go get it here now:

 >>>>>>>>> UPMIX15 <<<<<<<<<

and if you really can't wait till the 15th then have a listen to these brand new preview clips:

Union Jacques - Dub Pets 12" preview by Upitup Records
And witness the emotional outburst of this also very fresh trailer:

not long now...just few more days... HOLD TIGHT!

posted: 9th February 2012