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UPITUP NEWS: Benjamin Jackson's "2" AVAILABLE NOW

2012 is the year of the Double Dragon…
and it's gonna be a kickass year here at the Upitup stage! 

We're starting it off with an awesome new free album by London based artist Benjamin Jackson.
"2" is a 6 track EP and his second release to date, after his fabolous first audiocassette release on his own label The Analogue Quadrant, Exhibit Cube has sold out (but I got one!)

"2" is the perfect follow-up to his previous effort, and brings his 'Sun Drenched Analogue Love Numbers' music to new heights. Download it here and share it with your relatives.

Second hot topic: our first 12" "Union Jacques - Dub Pets" is going to be released officially on Upitup on February 15th. However some copies have leaked our "Copyright +" controls and have been reported to be sold in a few spots all over Europe:

3b Records, Liverpool, IT
Alpacha Distro, Rome, IT
Re Mix, Rome, IT
Soul Food, Rome, IT

If you are hungry like the wolf, you now know where to go.

Last but not least, Subscribe to our all new Upitup Youtube channel, as our videomakers are producing more than ever. There is a lot to see, and there will be much more to come , a good tool to dig deep in our back catalogue and hear previews of future releases!! Better than the TV!

Beat 'em Up!

posted: 15th January 2012