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UPITUP NEWS: The Carrier Wave - "Tears of Joy" free ep OUT NOW

Dear masses,

Eight gr8 free albums and another wrinkle on our bottom is not such a bad result at the end of another dazzling year. Only the finest music by who we consider absolute top artists made it into our catalog this year: The Carrier Wave, The Courier, The Plugexpert, The Goon, The Cosmic Analog Ensemble, Mr. Birthday, and Mr. Atzeni kept our minds dirty and our hearts off beat. (Not to mention our beloved disc & mp3 jockeys who contributed some serious mixes: Vernon LeNoir, PP Roy, Captain Johnson, Jonas Natterer, Konrad Kuhn...)

We'd like to thank our supporters for helping us turn 2011 into a extraordinary and productive year. May your balls sweat sweet spring time flower smell.

We started 2011 with The Carrier Wave and so we're gonna finish 2011 with The Carrier Wave! Just in time for your impending new year's party mixtape here comes "Tears of Joy" with cover art by Becky Liddiard! I could bore you to death trying to describe the awesomeness of this release but instead i'll just make it easy for you figure it out yourself and show you a big fat download link like this:

====> C L I C K  H E R E !!! <===== ヘ(^_^ヘ)

(and enjoy the acid vibes!)

And that's it for starters. Here's our main courses:
1) The unofficial Union Jacques - "Dub Pets" vinyl pre-order has started! Write us if you're a cool person :) Official release is scheduled for February 15th 20yes12.
2) Jonas The Plugexpert's "Los" has just won the award for best Dutch free music release. Don't forget to get it if you haven't yet!
3) The lead singer of the Zombina and the Skeletons, Zombina herself,  made us an unmissable dj-set!, where "unmissable" means missing it is a misdemeanor.
4) Tracky was awarded a cease and desist christmas postcard from the legalese-enthusiasts at the New York Times for his tribute to the "Arts" section of the world famous toilet paper substitute in developing countries: what a christmas present!!!

That's all for 2011, see you in 2012, Mayas!
[toilet flush noise here]

posted: 28th December 2011