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Santa Santa

UPITUP NEWS: New Jonas The Plugexpert album launched! Los is here.

Jesus Christ…. is almost 2011 years old!

Merry Crimbo:
A Time when Religion and Coca Cola unite as one – and a time when we all go treasure hunting for the best presents!
But.. No need to go anywhere else: Upitup is the right place!

Here is a new Upfree in time for Cirsthmsa, so you can enjoy it and share it with your beloved ones.

Los by Jonas The Plugexpert is  a 14 track long player by our ever favourite dutch tracker magician.

There are no boundaries between styles in Los, as it all mixes up in a very intricate web of beats, melodies, gouda flavoured samples and jamaican sizzling rhythms! It flows a treat and is perfect for a fireplace powered after dinner rave.

This is our third release from Jonas the Plugexpert who has been with us since our first release "All Nights Reversed" and our first live show ever in Rome in 2003. This is a HOT one!

Download it for free here!

*Breaking News!*

Some copies of UPV001 (Upitup's first vinyl release) have been spotted in a christmas market in Liverpool, according to our new copyright policy, you should destroy them asap and forget the content if you don't want to if you don't want to face our heavy penalties, that include monetary sanctions and ritual sacrification of your first born.

Yours truly SANTA.
Ps: Raving hard on Jah is for you!

posted: 19th December 2011