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Monty Monty

UPITUP NEWS: Upitup Live next Friday @ TPO, Bologna

Heya dear fans, grannies and grandmasters!

Did you know? Three members of our lovely little village - Isocore, Moiexbeat and Sytrjv - will be playing live next Friday April 13th at "ARTONOMA" that will take place in the Teatro Polivalente Occupato, Bologna (IT).

Doors open at 10pm. If you happen to live there, or you pass by, just reach the TPO in Via Lenin 3 and you'll be ready to check-in to the mosquito killing eardrum Isocore stuffed with the glitchy electro beats of Moiexbeat (he's back in time!!!) served with a topping of that unique undescribable taste of Sytrjv. Absolutely unmissable! Check the flyer for more info!

What else is there to do on a Friday the 13th?

Also in the meanwhile, remember to download upfree18 if you haven't already done! Our latest release by the new entry Vernon LeNoir!

posted: 9th April 2007