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Mario Monti Peloso Mario Monti Peloso

UPITUP NEWS: Zombina UPMIX and "Dear Santa" list....


SAnTAn has already brought us the BEST early christmas present ever!
we just can't stop freakin' out from joy!!!

YES! Zombina herself, lead singer indeed of UK Punk-Rock-Horror-Pop legends Zombina & The Skeletones has just put together a superb mix for upitup!!! Instant stream and FREE download here!


Just after Tracky's masterpiece New Album, this mix will keep you going for a good while you blood thirsty vampires! The Horror Queen has done it and its bloody amazing!!!
Immerse yourself in this long sleep where there is Too Much To Dream!

and now lets get christmessy.......

Dear Santana,
here's my wish list for Christmas:

1) A copy of Dragan Espenschied's new record "Education of the Noobz - live in Stoccarda". Released as a bonus to Upfree here on Upitup earlier this year, Education of the Noobz live version really unveils Espenschied's impressive skills as a composer. Perfect gift for music collectors.

2) A printout of "How Free is Free? Netlabels and the Politics of Online Music Distribution" by Leo Merz alias Roglok. In his text Roglok examines the history of Copyright and Intellectual Property and their role in today's cultural production.

3) A limited edition, glow-in-the-dark Tracky Birthday t-shirt, designed by Sebastian Haslauer. Better known as Hasi Intl.™ he already appeared on Tracky's New Album as the guy singing about "Secretary Love". He's on internet TV right now, you can watch his weekly show "Ways to feel better" on the Arte website. Order the shirt on Tracky's release page (scroll down).

4) A secret preview to Upitup's first vinyl release, Jacques Malchance aka Union Jacques album entitled Dub Pets! Official release scheduled 15th of FEBRUARY 2012!

5) A copy of the Digital Folklore reader, by Olia Lialina and again, Dragan Espenschied. This lovely book about digital culture was designed by no other than Manuel Buerger, member of The Discoghosts, and features essays in English and German (by authors such as Dennis Knopf aka Tracky and Leo Merz aka Roglok) as well as inspiring projects and what not.

6) Some fresh LIVE music recordings from Glue-Liverpool featuring Global Goon, Captain Johnson & Chump Change! 

7) A Red Ryder BB gun.

8) A New Upfree

9) A New Website

Mario Monti Peloso

posted: 14th December 2011