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Julian Julian


OH SNAP!!!!!!!

Looks like Tracky Birthday's new album "New Album" was leaked and somebody's now selling it on eBay exactly one month before its official release here on Upitup on December 1st 2011!!!

Fortunately it says it's an exclusive one-time offer...


Auction ends this sunday, if you can't stand the wait this is your chance!

ACHTUNG ACHTUNG! May I also kindly draw your attention to our brand new Haunted Arcade Mix by our permanent guest PP ROY featuring some classified unreleased music as well as top secret vintage treasures! 21 tracks that'll blow your whistle baby.

Plus we've got a new upfree schedued this week... Stay with us, more information leaked soon!

This message will destroy itself in 5, 4, 3...

posted: 31st October 2011