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UPITUP NEWS: upfree40 - Manuele Atzeni - Sleepwalkers Walk Alone, Out Now!

Upfree40 "Sleepwalkers Walk Alone" is OUT! first Upitup solo release by the mighty Overknights collective founding member Manuele Atzeni.

Manuele is a very active Dj/Producer based in Florence, Italy. He was already featured on the epic Upfree31 Greatest It compilation with his track Crezima, but now he's providing us a deep, atmospheric and introspective hip hop based 5 tracker EP... and as always for free!

Make sure you check his website for more Overknights lushness.

Download it for free now here!

And we're so proud to have hosted Ergo Phizmiz's great neuropera "The Third Policeman" in Liverpool, a masterpiece for the eyes and ears!
Check some photos HERE....and be patient cause some videos will be UP asap!

posted: 6th October 2011