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UPITUP NEWS: New Release: Upfree18 Is Out!

Ladies and Gentlemen,
please welcome a new member to the Upitup family, Mr. Vernon LeNoir!

We are proud to present to you upfree18, "Bataille and the Bird"! Twenty-two songs full of plunderfunky cut-up madness! Get the zip to enjoy the berliner überchef's blend as one mix: it includes a remix by Ergo Phizmiz and a song featuring Tracky Birthday! Sampling never sounded so yummy. Cover by Roglok.
And since there couldn't be a better release date than April Fool's Day, we officially declare that from now on the 1st of April is international Vernon LeNoir day!

Download the album now, it will make you lick your tube!

Also of great importance: Isocore and Moiexbeat will play live in Bologna at TPO (Teatro Polivalente Occupato, Viale Lenin 3) next April 13th. More details will follow in the newsboard...stay tuned for this unmissable event.

Happy Budoha Day to all Hawaiians, Up it up!

posted: 1st April 2007