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Jacques Jacques

UPITUP NEWS: It's Pierlo's birthday and here's why you should care!

Picture this: it's the year 2000, Pierlo is still in high school and Upitup doesn't exist yet.
It's a rainy day and he's found shelter in the now defunct "Orso Buddy" record shop in Rome, sifting through crates of import CDs. A purple cover never seen before pops up, with a crazy face on it and that Rephlex stamp top right, reading "You can't help liking PP Roy". A quick peak on headphones and he's at the counter, deal. Out past the shop entrance, running to the parked scooter. The envelope cracked open, the CD ready to be loaded inside the jog-proof discman. Headphones on, engine starts. Fuck the rain. Two traffic lamps and one almost missed crash after, In at the beep end starts: "You can't fake it. You either have it or you don't."  Later that day, this album was already a classic, played non-stop at Jacques' headquarter. If we had to name the albums that inspired us to start our own thing, well this is definitely one.
As they say, the rest is history.

We're mega-proud and uber-excited to present and host this brilliant DJ set, "May I Gently Touch Your Aura?" by our legendary youth idol Mr.David Nicholss aka PP Roy! Go GET IT NOW and leave some comments, commenters!
If you haven't put your hands on it yet, it's about time you get our latest upfree by the Cosmic Analog Ensemble. It's an amazing compositional work, a concoction of exotic samples and instrumentals that deserves your clicks.

Reminder: On the 24th of June we'll have a block party in the heart of Stuttgart, with live music by Tracky, Roglok, Pierlo (Rome), Isocore and Jacques (Liverpool), DJs Konrad Kuhn and Manuel "M-Boy" Buerger. Our first vinyl release "Dub Pets" by UNION JACQUES will be released that same day. So come for a nice BBQ and some surprises. More to be announced soon inside the interwebs.

posted: 10th June 2011