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UPITUP NEWS: Introducing: Upitup MIXES!

Ladies n lads!

We've been busy enjoying the weather and making babies but now we are back, and how!

May I introduce you to our new MIXES section, where we collected handmade DJ mixes for you to enjoy while doing that photoshop lasso work, writing your masters' thesis or just sitting on the loo. So alongside our upfree stream we now also have a yummy mixes page. Finally!

This doesn't mean we're not investing in new upfrees: Jacques Malchance makes it just in time for the summer with an instant classic E.P. and a little name change to honor and tribute his now 6 years in Liverpool.
From the depthts / debts of the North West UK here comes…

This release will be available as a 12" single 45rpm vinyl as well as free download soon. So stay tuned for UPV01!

Next: UPV02 the HIFIVE compilation featuring all new dance smash hits by Tracky, Pierlo, Jacques, Roglok and Isocore

Besides the wax Tracky is working day and night on his new upfree, and we are furthermore awaiting an epic album by the Cosmic Analog Ensemble.

And for all true Upitup fans out there: we are setting up a store for tshirts (of course organic, climate-neutral, fair trade– the real deal) and other goodies :)

Here we come to save the summer!


posted: 5th May 2011